So, how would I describe myself…

Hi, my name is Anne and I love design. Now, I know what you’re thinking ” duh, everyone loves design nowadays” and to that I say “ah, yes but can they tell the difference between good and bad design?” unfortunately, more often then not the answer to that question is a resounding no. Design for me is a practical application of the fine arts, it’s high level art delivered to the masses and I think it’s important for people to be exposed to good design and realize that that’s the way things should look.

I like organizing things and I like things to look good. Well-done design can change people’s opinions about things, influence what they choose, and give them a good feeling about whatever they’re doing. It infiltrates most people’s lives without them even realizing it and has become so ingrained in our society it’s hard to take it out of the big picture. Though that’s definitely not in a what-has-the-world-come-to comment but rather look-how-far-we’ve-come comment.

Anyways…mostly I just want to make things look good and satisfy my vague OCD tendencies to want to fix everything.

that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

Contact: ACushRhodes@gmail.com

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