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I wish this was for a real band 😀



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Inspired by the 1927 film ‘ Metropolis’. Just doing some pencil drawings to give vector a break haha 😀

The Sweet Life.

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Looking into Vintage Ad styles, as well as just an Old Hollywood feel…



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Working more with packaging, I really wish the ultra thin type would show up better! Anyways, I’ll probably end up making a dummy for this like I did with White Letter.


Martian Chronicles

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The original 1950 cover for the novel ‘ The Martian Chronicles’ has got to be one of my favorite cover designs of all time. It’s so simple, yet has a lot of layers plus the colors are an excellent choice! By making ‘space’ red and blue, you get a push pull visually and psychologically and it puts this ‘space’ further away and in the future (which is the goal). Not only that but the typography is simple, but effective with an interesting layout without being too abstract. Also, the thin, curving lines that are the path of the spaceship are just perfect! Such a nice touch, especially since they change color and thickness/dashed.

It took a bit of research but I found out that this original cover was done by Arthur Lidov, who isn’t particularly well known from what I can tell. Apparently he was both an inventor and self-taught painter and did a lot of work that was science themed. These are some examples of his paintings and of his more ‘mainstream’ work.


Oh say can you see?

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some of my favorite shots from my recent trip to D.C., it’s such a lovely area!!


Mr. Blackwood

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Trying my hand at book-cover design, going for something that is both illustrative but modern.


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