This Man is Brilliant

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m pretty sure this man is one of the smartest men of the century thus far.

When I was younger I always felt like a failure because I wasn’t good at math or science…sure I liked the theories hypothetically but my mind wasn’t one for sums, wasn’t interested in microbiology,etc. I didn’t make the best grades and preferred to not do homework if I had the option because I knew I wasn’t good at it and for me, that was it. I found respite in art thanks to an older brother who, at the time, also was quite fond of drawing. I wanted to draw too because he could do it and soon enough I started drawing on my own, japanese cartoons before elevating to old greco-roman art.

I excelled at art when I got a chance at it, but even in high school it seemed like a hobby, not a potential job. I even remember saying to some of my friends that i’d never be a professional artist because it wasn’t a serious career. Thankfully by the time I went to college, Graphic Design was around…which gave me an outlet for creativity but allowed me to enter the workplace like any other joe schmoe. I wanted that job stability because it was a hallmark of what an adult does. I still want a stable job that I can work hard at and really do stuff to be proud of. I’m lucky that in this current era, there is a growing emphasis on art…though not nearly as much emphasis as there is on math, etc.

In fact, I can count on my hands the amount of open graphic design positions but accounting jobs are free and open for the taking…it’s moments like that I wished I had gone into something more practical and even my wishing that is a tall-tale sign of what education forces us to believe. Education for a certain amount forces us to believe that art, music, dance, etc are passing fancies and that you can’t make a living doing it…which isn’t true, I mean, if all of those things weren’t important there wouldn’t be radios or tvs.

I watched this video and gained hope of what could potentially occur, maybe even in my lifetime…where truly creative people are given the chance to be creative and think outside of the box and maybe even come up with solutions that the biologists and mathematicians of the day can’t.


it’s possible.


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